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MB (SP) accounting


We are a team of professional accountants. We sign contracts ranging from 24 € per month (for a Small Partnership) and we send you monthly accounting reports based on submitted documentation. This means if our workload increases the price is higher and vice versa. On average the price for our accounting services is ~84,74 € per month. The quantity of employees has most impact on the price (25 € per month per person) as well as business trip accounting (10 €/per item). The amount of invoices has low impact on the price.
You should choose us because we are:


we register your company‘s VAT code for free (for the citizens of Lithuania);
we provide you with the documents necessary for your company‘s operation;
we offer free consulting by phone up to 19:00 every day (with no holidays).


each month, an independent audit company checks two companies that we manage;
we assume full responsibility for our work, we have a insurance policy of €10,000;
all of our employees have signed confidentiality agreements;
all of our employees have higher education;
all of our employees receive regular refresher training in seminars 4 times a year;
we have a financial manager sign in MOKESČIŲ SUFLERIS (Tax Prompter);
we are experienced because we work with over 413 (01/04/2019) regular customers;
we have extensive experience in working with IT, logistics, and construction companies;
we are members of the Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors;                                                                                                                            we are members of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Crafts;
we are laureates of Gazelė 2018;
we have 24 positive customer feedback;
we are a socially responsible company (beneficiaries are listed here).


our bills are seasonal and diminish automatically if customers have less work;
we respond to inquiries on the same work day;
we communicate via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp;
we have installed CRM. All bookkeeping tasks are automated;
you can use the accounting software;
we can sign contracts remotely (electronic signature);
you can terminate your contract at any time;
we speak Lithuanian, Russian, English;
we work with client applications: B1, Finvalda, Forma, Stekas, Skaita 2000, Optimum, Contour Enterprise, Alga-2000, Agnum, Medinfo, Proruna;
we can register and administrate VAT code for EU companies willing to operate in the territory of Lithuania.

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Vision: The most modern company in the accounting field, which is copied by others.
Provide accounting services with maximum customer attention.

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